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Many people seem to neglect their sewage system

Whether it be a Septic Tank/Cess Pool or more modern Bio Treatment Plant. They fail to have their system regularly maintained, they fail to have the pumps serviced, they fail to even check to see that it is working properly!

Sewage System MaintenanceWhy? – Well, it can be thought that it is an unnecessary expense, (a belief that really is a false economy – as we will explain later). It can be that the Sewage System is located out of the way (maybe at the end of the garden) so, a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’!

If you know that your system is not actually working, thereby raw sewage is leaking in to a ditch or watercourse, you are breaking the law and being discovered (which you will eventually be) could cost you thousands of pounds in Environmental Agency Fines. Either way, ignoring your Sewage System is far from a good idea.

Even if you do not realise that your system is not working but you still are found to be causing pollution, you will be found guilty and the fines will still apply.

The time comes to sale your house

Every time a house is sold that has a Septic Tank/Cess Pool/Bio Treatment Plant, you will be asked to confirm that the system is in good working order and often you will be asked to show receipts/records or how often you have had the system emptied and maintained.

Many a house sale has been ‘held-up’ because the seller could not provide the evidence to show that their Sewage System is in good working order and can prove that it has been regularly emptied and maintained.

Some house sales have even ‘fallen-through’ because the Sewage System was in such a bad state of neglect that it had ‘put the vendor off’ the purchase of the property!

We carry out Inspections and Reports on all Sewage Systems for those wishing to sell or purchase a property. We can also carry out prompt repairs to get the Sewage System up and running to help with smooth sale of your property.

Whether you are selling your property or not – call us now to come and carry out an inspection of your Sewage System to ensure it stays in good working order, which is cost-effective and gives you peace of mind.