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Septic Tank/Cesspool Owners – Are you on the right side of the Environment Agency?

If you have a Septic Tank/Cesspool which has a ‘pumped system’ to a ditch/water course it is now highly likely that you will be breaching the anti-pollution laws of the E.A.

This is because the water quality pumped from your Septic Tank/Cesspool is not being treated properly, as nowadays any water being discharged in this way must be ‘treated’ so that the discharged final water is 100% clean.  No traces of effluent must be present in the final discharged water coming from the Septic Tank/Cesspool.

Many property owners simply do not realise that this is the case and that the system they have is actually in breach of the E.A. anti- pollution laws/rules and regulations.

This can result in a fine of up to £ 20,000.00!!

If you have doubts as to what system you have you can ask a sewage consultant to check it for you, usually for a small fee.

If you think that you do have one of these old systems you may think it will cost you thousands of pounds to put in a new, compliant system.  Which can be the case.

However, here at Ashwaste Environmental Ltd we can offer you a much, much  cheaper way of making your existing old, non-compliant system transform in to one that is completely safe and compliant .

Please call us for details – it really could save you thousands!