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Keeping your sewage system in good working order

Ashwaste Environmental Ltd can carry out full Pumping Station Refurbishments and repairs. This will include broken pipework which will be replaced with non-corrosive pipes, valves and taps, check and replace manhole covers as necessary.

A typical enquiry can be that a customer comes to us stating that their system has begun to smell and this appears to be coming from the pumping station. The customer says that this keeps on happening. Ashwaste then recommends an empty of the system and a jet wash clean with a complete service inspection for the pumping station. This is the standard approach when customers come along with this type of problem or when they request an annual service. During the service/inspection process we can find that pipework has corroded or leaking. This causes the bad odours as obviously raw sewage leaks out of any breaks or defects in the pipework and has to be rectified. Ashwaste Environmental Ltd frequently take on this type of project and throughout the process we keep the customer fully informed with the progress and costs although we usually complete the project within two or three days.

It is highly beneficial to have sewage pumping stations refurbished with non-corrosive pipework and non-corrosive valves.  In certain circumstances new pumps may be recommended as well after fully evaluating the existing ones in situ. 

The pump station will then be eligible for the Water Authority Scheme. It is understood that these pumping stations are going to be adopted by the Water Authorities after 2017.

These refurbishments are done with the utmost attention to detail and Ashwaste ensure that the electrical supply panel is fully safe and tested. These items can also be replaced if required or considered to be in an unsafe condition.

After all everybody’s safety is PARAMOUNT.

To keep your Sewage System in good-working ordercontact us today.