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Septic Tank Emptying and Pump Servicing

NOW really is the time to start thinking about Christmas and the New Year Holiday Season, in relation to your Septic Tank / Sewage System.

Check the last time you had it emptied. If it was over 6 months ago NOW is the time to call us and book in an empty BEFORE Christmas.

Over the Christmas and New Year period many companies will close or operate on a skeleton staff basis. Therefore, if you do not have your sewage system emptied now and then you realise during the holiday period that it needs emptying, you could encounter serious (as well as costly) problems!

Remember that if you are having people to stay with you at Christmas your sewage system will fill up quicker and you may need to have it emptied sooner than you normally would. So have it emptied NOW in order to ensure you will not run in to problems over the holidays.

You will certainly save yourself financially too, as ‘Emergency Call-Outs’ over the holiday period will be costly. And for the time being you can take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER too.

NOW is also the time to check that your pump is working properly too.

Again, if you have not had it Serviced recently, call us and arrange for us to come and Service it, as no-one wants a costly pump break-down at Christmas either. If you think your pump is struggling this Winter, it may be that it is old, only partially working or even under-sized for the job that it is doing. If you need advice about your pump call us to arrange an Inspection by our Engineer.

Please contact us to discuss all your requirements.

Meanwhile, a very Merry Christmas to all our Customers.