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New Septic Tank Regulations: Will They Affect You?

Read more below and remember Ashwaste can arrange for your old system to be replaced by a new compliant one – from site survey, working out what system would best suit your needs to installation and completion.

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Installing New Sewage Treatment Systems

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SEPTIC TANKS: Are You Regulation Ready for 2020?

If you are responsible for a property that has a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water, new regulations mean that you’ll be required to replace or upgrade your system by the 1st of January 2020.

Similarly, if you are purchasing a property that has a septic tank, you need to be aware of your legal obligations; if you are not compliant, you could find yourself in breach of the new regulations and be fined as much as £100,000!

Do the new regulations affect you?

The Environment Agency’s ‘General Binding Rules’ new septic tank regulations have been in force since 1 January 2015, but these have now been updated, so in order to ensure compliance you must replace your septic tank if it discharges straight into a watercourse such as a river, ditch or stream.

This means you may need to install a full sewerage plant before 1 January 2020, or even earlier if you are planning to move and/or currently have your house on the market; the legal responsibility for the replacement or upgrade of the existing system needs to be agreed between the you and your buyer as a condition of sale.

Ways to become compliant:

  • Connect to mains sewer if this option is available to you; speak to your local water authority and they can advise you if this is feasible in your area.
  • Install an infiltration system/drainage field to allow direct discharge into the ground; this will disperse discharge safely into the ground with no risk of pollution.
  • Install as small sewage treatment plant to replace your septic tank; this way you will produce a cleaner form of water, fit for discharge straight into a watercourse.

Whichever treatment system you choose must meet the relevant current British Standard; BS 6297:2007 for drainage fields and BS EN 12566 for small sewage treatment plants.

You DON’T need to take any action if:

  • Your current sewage treatment system has EN12566-3 certification
  • Your current sewerage is discharged via a drainage field into the ground

Each and every septic tank replacement or upgrade is site specific. If you are uncertain of which option is available to you, contact one of our friendly team and we can offer you professional advice. Please remember that complying with the new septic tank regulations are your sole responsibility, so act now to avoid hefty fines.

For information and assistance about the Environment Agency’s septic tank regulations that come in to force in 2020 call ASHWASTE ENVIRONMENTAL on 0800 0263451 today