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New Septic Tank Installation in Essex

This is a Marsh Uni Gem 12 person sewage treatment plant.

septic tank installationThe sewage plant is designed as a secondary tank that is installed to give the end user a final discharge from the sewage system that is compliant to enter the water course.

Since 2010 all sewage tanks have to environmental agency compliance.

These units are economical to install and suit most property owners budgets.

The benefits are you have a compliant sewage plant - it is a bad selling point if you do not have a compliant sewage system.

Also these are a shallow dig unit,, making the installation process simpler to install.

We also supply and install larger units - the range is for 6 person upwards to 40 person.

Marsh uni gem 12 person sewage treatment plant All the units are approved by the relevant governing bodies to discharge to the water course.

To keep your Sewage System in good-working ordercontact us today.

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