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HELP!! I need to sell my house  but, it has been picked up on the survey that I have a old sewage tank that is producing sewage to the ditch and this is not compliant under current Environment Agency Legislation…. What can I do? I don’t want to spend a fortune replacing it with a whole new system, which will cost me thousands of pounds???

Our solution…. you can fit a MINI SEWAGE PLANT behind the old tank.   This will treat the sewage to give it the required standard of water quality required by the EA.   It  will produce a clear water sample that is acceptable and  that can be discharged to the ditch, quite safely.

The installation of one of these Mini Systems will be sufficient and no where near  as costly to install  one of the larger sewage plants.  This will mean  you are then compliant.

You could also fit  a SPECIAL FILTER  in the tank.  These filters reduce the solids by 90%, thus helping  the MINI SYSTEM to produce clear water.

All products  installed  meet all the required  criteria that is Environmental Agency approved for the discharge to a water course.   You also have a duty to make sure the  equipment is in working order and  de-sludged on a regular basis 

You will need to prove that your Sewage System is in good-working order and is Environment Agency compliant BEFORE your house sale can proceed.  ASHWASTE can design, install and commission your complete Sewage System, contact us today.

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