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Above Ground Sewage SystemDigging up the the lawns can be  be a major  disruption and  will, more than likely, cause  lots of mud and mess, which can sometimes take years to recover from.

However, the simple answer is that there is often no need to do all of this and no need to dig a big hole.  Instead ASHWASTE can supply and fit an ABOVE GROUND SEWAGE PLANT. This will involve a small base for the new tank to sit on.  It  will  also greatly reduce the cost of  large  excavations  and all that unsightly muddy mess in your garden.  Call us now for prices and further information.

If you are worried that you don’t want to look at a sewage tank in your  garden , do not be. Because they will come painted in green and they blend in very well in yoru garden environment.  You can also use Laurels  or hedging for screening. It is certainly no worse than looking at an old oil tank that sits  in the other corner  of the garden!

All of this means that you CAN have a fantastic new Above Ground Sewage System, that is highly efficient, produces clean water and supplied and fitted at a fraction of the cost, with minimal disruption to your garden. Problem solved – Great!!

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